Poolside with Teresa

I met Teresa a few years back, at a series of yoga events she hosted for Absolut Elyx Vodka, called “Cocktails and Consciousness.”  Staged at various hotel rooftops across Miami Beach, she, alongside another yoga instructor, would lead a group of attendees in a picturesque sunset yoga session followed by complimentary cocktails. I was incredibly fortunate to have the brand be a part of their installment at The Gale Hotel in South Beach. 

Teresa in Habit Activ for 'Cocktails and Consciousness' at The Gale Hotel in South Beach. 

Teresa in Habit Activ for 'Cocktails and Consciousness' at The Gale Hotel in South Beach. 

Along with being a lead ambassador for the premier vodka brand, she is a cabaret emcee at El Tucan - a burlesque style- dinner and dance theater located in Brickell. One night I had the chance to see her perform, and the sheer depth of her talent dumbfounded me. She exudes this high caliber energy, reserved solely for those doing exactly what the universe has called them to do.

I have a revolving short list of muses, and Teresa- with her professionalism and poise- is a permanent fixture on that list.

She has always been an eager supporter of the brand, so I was excited for the opportunity to shoot her in our latest release, the ‘Kevin Bra.’  I took full advantage of the opportunity to connect with her and picked her brain about success, setbacks, and maneuvering around energy drains while staying present. 


Hometown: Chicago IL

Occupation: Copper Queen for @absolutelyx , Cabaret Master @eltucanmiami

How long have you lived in Miami, and what brought you here?  I moved to Miami 4 years ago because I fell in love with my fiancé and you can’t leave a man alone on South Beach. 

What's your favorite thing about this city? The Sun 


Pictured here in our Kevin Bra

Pictured here in our Kevin Bra

The second the butterflies go away, its time to move on

What’s been a big career/life disappointment? Was there any silver lining? 
There is a nugget in everything. My dad would always say, “Find the nugget!” Any setback is just the universe reminding you to honor the process – to prepare more thoroughly and acknowledge that growth is good.  There were jobs I wanted and didn’t get in the past, but that has all led me to where I am now- and I am thankful for that. At the moment, I am so balanced with life and work it's unbelievable. 

It’s obvious that you are a very driven person, but in everyone’s life, tenacity aside, we each encounter situations where no matter how bad we want something it is just outside of our reach. How do you know when its time to let go/move on/ change directions? I think you can feel it in your gut- our all-pervasive knowingness will communicate that its time to move onward. I move into meditation in moments like this – ground myself and ask the inner self. Sometimes she yells at me, but usually, she sarcastically tells me what I’ve known all along. (We always know) 
But when it comes to the stage, there’s a rule- when it stops scaring you – you need to move on. We build on the butterflies in our gut the unknowns of what’s to come. When your dream no longer scares you- You need a bigger dream. 

There are certain facets of your job in the hospitality and entertainment industry that require you to be ‘on’- and continuously engaging, even when you might not want to be - what’s your personal remedy to get over those days that you are just ‘off’ and not feeling up to it?
UGH- this is tough! I call them energy vampires- people that suck the life out of you. I resort to playing an active meditation game.  I just ask myself ‘how aware can I possibly be?’ I practice moving with such presence, and I fill myself with what is needed to make it through the lull in energy.   

Worst habit? Biting my nails 

Best habit? Working out every day 

One tip for staying present- Remind yourself to breathe and be grateful that your body can function as well as it does. 

What's your main ingredient for growth?  Gratitude 

Do you believe in reincarnation? I believe we're never really gone, we're just moving on. I’ve been here before. I’m not done being on the earthly plane. I've got a few more lifetimes still. 

What do you think you were in your past lifetime? I know I was a witch and a blacksmith’s apprentice. There is an amazing clairvoyant named Laura Loomas that helped me to discover that. 

I’m low key terrified of cameras and anything that requires a glaring light on my face in front of throngs of people. How do you deal with stage fright? 
The second the butterflies go away its time to move on. But to be honest, I get excited but not scared. The scariest performance I had recently was when I spoke at the Miami Mindfulness festival with Modern OM. It was the first time I discussed the platform of Cocktails and Consciousness with a large group. But the second I began speaking spirit took over, and there was no fear, only present moment awareness. 

Favorite workout class in the city- SOULCYCLE!!!! 

What do you like most about Habit Activ?  The founder – I was so taken back by her beauty (inside and out) when I first met her. She radiated authenticity, and I saw a fellow goddess and wanted to support that dream. 

Follow Teresa on Instagram @teresacesario. These breathtaking images were captured by my best friend and photographer Loren Blandon @l_bee

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