I like to tell stories and lay in the sun.

I like to tell stories and lay in the sun.

Habit Activ originally started out as a Miami-inspired, print driven activewear line.  As the brand continues to grow - like all things that grow, its scope has changed. While I still make and sell clothing- the narrative has become less rigid and more experimental.

Less about fitness- more about storytelling. 

Less seeking to be something - more relishing in the freedom/space of nothingness. 

Many of us derive a lot of anguish from not allowing or wanting things to change, as they are naturally set up to do.  While others, like myself, are too often eagerly absorbed in taking 'the next step'. These days I am learning not to rush the process- opting instead to slow down and act through stillness. This slowing down- this internal listening,

     allows for more spontaneity and less anxiety.

                      Truth be told- extemporaneous creation is hands down the most magical kind.

There is no definitive aim for this project/ brand. 

I don't know what Habit Activ will grow to be- but, I prefer it that way.

Mystery is fun =^_^=

Hope you enjoy the ride. 

- Crystal

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